My morning routine is working wonders and is giving me even clearer, hydrated, glowing amazing skin. I want to show you what I'm currently using, as I think these products will suit all skin types. 

In the morning I like to add an oomph to my face, so I use an exfoliating wash to refresh my skin. It also brightens and smooths. I apply it to my dry face, spread it around, add water to loosen it and then remove with a hot flannel. 

Acid Tone
Acid toning exfoliates and resurfaces the skin. I use the Garnier Pure Active Pore Purifying Toner. This is gentler than using an exfoliating scrub and can be done everyday. Just pour some onto a cotton pad and sweep over the face and neck. I have used this particular one for years and is a great inexpensive acid toner. I still use a scrub but only once or twice a week.

Hydrating Tone
This is the first stage of adding moisture. My favourite spray toners are the Lush ones. Just look for a toner that will hydrate. You can spray directly onto your face but I like to apply it with a cotton pad most of the time. It hydrates and leaves the skin feeling beautifully soft.

Eye Cream/ Gel
My current eye gel is an inexpensive one from the Boots Botanics range. It's a roller ball application, and I pat the gel all around my eye area. For the price it works really well at soothing the eyes and hydrating the skin

This serum really has had an effect on my skin. Since I started using it, it has definitely brightened my skin and made my skin glow. It smells like oranges in a good way and feels very moisturising on the skin. My favourite serum I have used yet!

I switch between these two moisturisers. The first one follows the serum perfectly, I tend to use this one if I'm going out because it has UVA/UVB protection. Again it hydrates and gives the skin a beautiful glow and smells like oranges. 
The second one is a great soothing moisturiser for when the skin is acting up, red or irritated. It still leaves the skin feeling soft and is great for sensitive skin. Has a slight cucumber scent but nothing offensive.

Lip Care
I use the same lip balm in the morning as in the evening, it hydrates the lips, add SPF protection and has a soft sweet minty scent which I love. 
I recommend all of these products and think anyone can use them, thank you for reading.