Friday, 8 April 2016

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream SPF 50 Review

This was a huge Viviannadoesmakeup inspired purchase. I'd already heard a lot about it, but when Anna explained where you can get it in the UK for a much cheaper price, I caved and bought it. It's pretty much all you would ever need in a base product. With a high SPF, full coverage and a glowy finish, what more could you ask for? I know a few people who are still contemplating trying it and I hope the review helps make up your mind.
I purchased it from -
It works out much cheaper in pounds to buy it from Beautylish and the delivery time is amazing too! 

The CC cream comes in a plastic squeezy tube with a pump and cap. Great for travelling. Very lightweight. 
Price - $38 or £26.91 for 32ml
Texture - Medium cream
Finish - Flawless, glowing skin

What they say
This highly pigmented multi-tasking beauty miracle truly covers everything, will not crease or crack in fine lines, and gives you a healthy, Your Skin But Better glow. Paraben-free and SPF 50+ UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum, Physical Only, Non-Chemical Sunscreen.

Key Claims
- SPF 50
- Both UVA/UVB protection
- Physical only sunscreen
- Full coverage
- Hydrating Serum
- Infused with peptides, Vitamin A,B,C,E and hyaluronic acid

What is it
This CC cream provides full coverage without being heavy or obvious on the skin. It evens out the skin tone, provides high SPF and gives an amazing glow. It gives a beautiful finish and lasts all day. The texture is creamy and blend-able. It has a slight orangey scent. Suitable for all skin types.

How I use it
After moisturising, I usually start with a 20p size amount and blend it over the face with my fingers or a buffing brush. It covers discolouration and blemishes nicely without clinging to dry patches. Once I've done one layer, I'll add a bit more in certain areas if I need too or just go in with concealer. It feels really nourishing and smoothing on the skin which I love! It leaves me looking dewy and perfected. Most of the time I'll set it lightly and it lasts a good 6-7 hours on me. Make sure you double cleanse thoroughly to remove it. 

- Creamy texture
- Light scent
- Convenient packaging
- A little goes a long way
Beautiful skin like finish
- Dewy effect
- SPF 50


You need this CC cream in your life! It's the perfect base product. Light texture, full coverage, good sun protection and a glowy finish. There's literally nothing else to say about it, apart from I love it and can't be without it now. Thank you for reading!



  1. Ok, I am so glad I ordered it already and it's on it's way because you make it sound PERFECT! I can't wait to try it. Still a little nervous about the shade match but I am expecting a neutral undertone so I won't be disappointed when it isn't warm/yellow enough ;) Beautiful pics as always and I love the way you review everything so succinctly! Teach me!!! xxx

    Sal UmmBaby Beauty

    1. I'm so glad you decided to buy it too! I know you'll love it. I'm sure you're a master on swatches and finding a good shade match! I just instantly picked fair haha. I really hope it works for you, they definitely need to expand their shade range!
      Aww, thank you so much Sal. Hahaha, I have a bad habit of thinking no one will understand what I mean, so I have to write very precisely. Lol!


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